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Want to know more about your coverage? These samples offer all the details you need.


Choose optional protection for seal failure and glass breakage, we even have a warranty that will carry out any existing window warranty you have or enjoy basic coverage.


  • Cracked film

  • Peeling and crazing

  • Discoloration

  • Blistering and bubbling

  • De-laminating

Before you begin any home or workplace improvement project, you conduct a basic cost benefit analysis. Part of that is ensuring you have options if something goes wrong.


In conjunction with Tint Works, 3M™ offers some of the best warranties in the business. Your tints will look and function as promised.

3M's protective window tinting warranty programs

Ask about WARRANTIES for all tinting treatments.

Comprehensive warranties that cover most conditions

Illustrative 3M™ sample window tinting warranties

Your 3M™ warranty specifics correspond to the tint product you purchased. Unsurprisingly, the highest grade films offer the most comprehensive coverage. Most of the films have a residential lifetime warranty. Remedies may include replacing the full quantity of defective film or removing faulty film and reinstalling for FREE.


Residential lifetime warranties on film

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