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As a 3M™ window film agent, you don't have to sell or install a thing. Just get your clients interested, and give us the contact information. We'll take things from there.

If you're a home contractor, making money has never been easier. Just tell your client about 3M™ window tinting, a product little known to those with homes and businesses.


That's where you come in. Your customers are already in improvement mode. For any lead we convert, you receive 10% of the sale.

You're already taking the time to improve your clients' homes — so help yourself too.


1. Complete this form to officially sign up.

2. Mention the benefits of 3M™ window film.

3. Provide contact information to Tint Works.

4. If a customer buys, you do nothing more.

5. Wait for your 10% referral agent fee.

Join the lucrative Tint Works Referral Agent program

Call today to find out more about our referral agent program.

Just provide us with leads for the product that sells itself

Becoming a successful agent is a simple 5-step process

Becoming a 3M™ referral agent is a decision you'll never regret. 3M™ manufactures a world-class window tinting product. Tint Works installs it so precisely that except for the reduced glare, your clients won't know that it's there. It's an ideal transaction where every party wins.

A business partnership you truly can trust


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