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It's a sad societal truth that the people who visit or work inside government buildings increasingly face threats from bad factors.


The 3M™ Safety & Security line has been proven to deter criminals from breaking in through glass doors and windows. Surprised? Take a look at this dramatic security demo.

City and state buildings must strike a tough balance. They must be welcoming to the citizens they serve, but also protect everyone inside.


Window film's differing reflectivity can greatly enhance privacy in both daytime and evening conditions. If you have a reason to keep away prying eyes, ask Tint Works for suggestions.

Practical tinting applications for government buildings

Ask how window film can better protect workers.

3M™ Safety & Security film protects your people inside

Many companies offer solutions to cope with sunshine, security, or high utility bills. Tint Works is the best in the market as it does all three.


  • 3M™ authorized dealer

  • Up to 30% SAVINGS on utility bills

  • Estimates and bids are always FREE

  • Best-in-class manufacturer warranties

Why you need Tint Works to create better windows

  • Government offices

  • Elementary schools and high schools

  • Churches, synagogues, and mosques

Every organization benefits from 3M™ window treatments

  • College buildings

  • Police and fire departments

  • Charitable organizations

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