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Reducing the bright sun's intensity is reason enough to install 3M™ window tinting but it can also help protect you from vandals and storms.


The safety and security line adds a strong extra layer of protection to your windows. Anything from a clear 6 to 8 mil film or a tinted film that will also help protect you from the sun's UV rays. It's graffiti-resistant, and even better, it sends burglars to easier targets. See for yourself!

3M’s reflective Night Vision window film not only deflects exterior heat, but its low interior reflectivity also enhances your view at night. These films will allow 15-35% of natural light inside your home. Click here to see more information: 3M Night Vision Product Card

Traditional window films help keep out the sun’s heat in the summer. Thinsulate Climate Control 75 does that and more! It also helps to retain the heat that your building or home produces from its heating system. That manmade radiant heat ultimately travels to cooler temperatures, meaning it’s trying to escape to the outside through your windows. Adding Thinsulate Climate Control 75 to your windows is almost like adding an extra pane of glass for a fraction of the cost. Click here for more information:

3M Thinsulate Product Card

Thinsulate Window Film

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Night Vision Window Films

Safety and Security Films

Offering 3M™ Fasara and Crystal finishes, Tint Works gives you more than 50 options to spruce up the interior and exterior glass. Why pay for cut or textured glass when window films produce the same look for a fraction of the cost? Manage the light and your look together. These beautiful films are perfect for front doors, bathroom improvements, or to add privacy/beauty to any office.  We can provide samples upon request.

Decorative Window Films

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Prestige Window Films

3M's high performance Prestige window films use no metals and are the first clear films to offer a variety of selections and perform to the industry's highest standards. Click here to see more information:  3M Prestige Product Card